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Tubing, Hoses and Fittings

All range for pneumatics and hydraulics

Hoses & Fittings: Files


Quick connect, Safety Couplings, Mould & Tanker truck couplings, Hydraulic, for compressors & sandblast couplings, Garden hose, Storz and Kamlock.


Threaded Fittings

Double and pipe nipples, Screw connections, Reducing nipples, Sleeves and angle fittings, T pieces and distributors. Closing plugs and end caps.

Hoses & Clamps

Hoses, Coil Tubes, Hose Reels, Compressed air & Water Hoses, Steam Gas and Silicone Hoses, Chemical or Heat resistant, Clamps and Flanges

Fire Hoses

Tube Connectors

IQS push-in fittings, Quick screw connectors, Hose connectors, Threaded nozzles, Hose nozzles, Cutting ring fittings, Compression rings

Ball Valves

Discharge valves, Mini ball valves, High pressure ball valves, Shut-off and gate valves, 3 way and flange valves, Actuated and Butterfly valves.

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