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General Drilling on Steel and Cast Iron

For General Purpose (HRc30 to HRc50)


High Feed Drilling

1.5 to 2 Times Faster Feeding Speed than 2-Flute Drill
For Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels(up to HRc35) and Cast Iron

Stainless Steel Drilling

For Tough Materials like Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys and Titanium

burghiu_carbura_monobloc_euroissa - Copy.jpg

Aluminium Drilling

For Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Drilling Deep Holes

Minimum Quantity Lubrication

10×D ~ 40×D


Drilling High Hardened Steels

For High Hardened Steels HRc50 to HRc70

General Carbide Drills

For General Purpose, DIN338 & DIN6539

burghiu_carbura_monobloc_ieftin_inlocuire_hss_euroissa - Copy.jpg

Drilling Materials 30-50HRc

Extremely High hardness and Heat resistance due to special Z-Coating technology

Ultra-Efficient deep hole
40xD & 50xD Drilling

New flute specification with smooth chip
evacuation and high tool rigidity qualities ideal for ultra-deep-hole applications

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